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Techies of Tomorrow is a tech talent incubator that empowers recent BC tech graduates to work on real industry projects that require high quality and cost-effective solutions. By focusing on industry mentorship and continuous training, Techies of Tomorrow aims to fulfill the talent demands in the tech industry. By taking on real industry work, grads put their education and skillsets into practice, build their portfolio, and create meaningful industry connections.

Following the successful launch of a pilot project in 2020, Techies of Tomorrow was born to continue implementing its vision and mission to educate, train, and create opportunities for BC’s local tech talent, while providing technology solutions for BC businesses. Projects in the areas of Digital Design, Cross-Platform Development, UI/UX, Front-End and Back-End, Information Architecture, Cloud Applications, Data Mining, and Digital Marketing.


Asset & Interface Design

Our talented team of designers will bring your vision to life. Collaborate with our team to create a digital solution that showcases what you do best.

web & mobile development
User Interface (UI)
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User Experience (UX)
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Graphic Design

Application Development

Web, Mobile or Desktop. We develop user-friendly sites that prioritize design and functionality on the front and back end.
Cross Platform

Digital Marketing

The right tools and tactics help to increase your visibility in the new online environment. Make your online presence known via Social Media, Search Engines, or through improved Website Ranking.
online presence
Online Presence
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Smart City Media

Our team has developed and is contineously improving and maintaining the media sharing platform for the Smart City Media which in addition to their overall online presence.


We have been working in collaboration with Electrum Charging Solutions and we are developing front-end and back-end applications that control the Electrum infrustructure and charging stations installed in countries across the globe. An amazing digital transformation mission towards a greener earth and life.


An assistive technology. An application that provides assistance for users with special needs. ReadyBe in an app whose primary focus is to support its users, primarily individuals with disabilities, by enabling them to easily self-advocate and manage,plan their appointments, and communications with healthcare professionals

Plant Go

A very unique digital transformation collaboration. PlantsGo is the first of its kind mobile application that provides a unique learning opportunity to its users to know more about plants indigenous names, backgrounds, and benefits. We are very proud to be working with the Indigenous Initiatives at BCIT. Working on this project also provided us the opportunity to learn about these plants and their features from the indigenous point of view.

BBQ Chicken

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Ask and answer questions anywhere for ​Free! Meet Quehack – a super-efficient Q&A platform for both students and instructors. Our goal is to simplify communication between instructors and their students by reducingthe repetition of questions and allowing students to learn from one another. Quehack ensures that your communication with your students is transparent and of ease — Whether you are teaching a small group, a few courses, or even an entire program. Ask a Question. Get an Answer. It's just as simple as that.


Shome, short for Stay Home, is a lifestyle application designed to help make parents’ lives easier. The app is filled with fun activities and recipes that you can share with friends and family.


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